350-425/1.5 hr.
475-550/2 hrs.
(There is no difference in the donation ranges above. Just whatever you can swing or however you can help me out).

Baltimore Donation: 275-300/hr.
Boston Donation: 300-350/hr.
California Donation: 350-400/hr. (any city)
Chicago Donation: 300-325/hr.
Indiana Donation: see separate tab below
Las Vegas Donation: 350/hr.
New York City Donation: 400-500/hr.
Philadelphia Donation: 275-300/hr.
Tysons Corner: 300/hr.
Washington DC Donations: 300-350/hr.
(Other cities not listed, please refer to regular donations above.).

Incall Donations for Indianapolis:
1st visit w/in the month 250-300/h, 350-425/1.5hr, 475-550/2hrs.
2nd visit w/in same month 200-250/hr, 300-340/1.5hr, 400-450/2hrs.
Outcall* Donations for Indianapolis:
1st visit w/in the month 200-250/hr, 300-340/1.5hr, 400-450/2hrs.
2nd visit w/in same month 180-200/hr, 275-300/1.5hr, 360-400/2hrs.
*Anything requiring more than a 30 minute drive one way, please add 20.00
Special Request Outcall Donations for IN, KY, & OH Cities I've Listed Below: 475-550/2hrs., 700-775/3hrs.
(Otherwise, if I "plan" a trip to any of those cities & list it ON my schedule,
refer to donations at very top of FARES page.)
Willing to do outcall by request to**:
South Bend: for no less than 3 hr meeting + 175 for gas/time
Fort Wayne: for no less than 2 hr meeting + 150 for gas/time or 3 hr + 100
Kokomo: for no less than 2 hr meeting + 100 for gas/time
Muncie: for no less than 2 hr meeting + 100 for gas/time
Dayton, OH: for no less than 3 hr meeting + 150 for gas/time
Louisville, KY: for no less than 3 hr meeting + 150 for gas/time
Lafayette--Greencastle: for no less than 2 hr meeting + 100 for gas/time
Terre Haute: for no less than 2 hr meeting + 100 for gas/time
Bloomington--Columbus--Greensburg: for no less than 2 hr meeting + 75 for gas/time
**Deposit may be required for these appts.

FUN EXCURSIONS (Donations are for time & must accompany at least a 1hr min. appt.)
Take me out to the movies**=no charge (movie must start 7pm or later)
Take me out to the movies**=100 (if movie starts before 7pm)
Take me out to the opera=50
Take me out bowling=40 ea. hour
Amusement parks=300 (for same day trip within TX)
Amusement parks outside of TX=ask
Flea markets/arts & craft shows, etc.=40 ea. hour
Mediterranean holidays=not accepting passports. This trip is not offered in 2011-2012.
Pseudo/stand-in girlfriend for dinner with parents=50 (up to 2hrs) or 100 (2.5-4hrs)
Wedding date/stand-in girlfriend=300 (til midnight)--75 ea. additional hr after midnight
Swinger's club date=150 (up to 3 hours)/75 ea. additional
Take me to a comedy club=no charge
Baby shower/wedding shower date=40
Holiday with your relatives=200 (up to 5hrs.)/400 (5-10hrs)
Day of hiking=700
Go see monster truck/motorcross events=200
Billiards & drinks--150/hr
Meet for 1/2 hour of drinks in public PRIOR to appt.--100 (available only to those I've met already.)
Go-karting/miniature golfing=no charge
Horseback riding=200 (up to 3 hours)
Take me to pro/college ball game=200 (5pm or later) or 300 (earlier than 5pm).
Tailgaiting at pro/college game=100
Take me to your work party or function=150 (1-2hrs.) or 300 (2.5-5hrs)
Day on the water=600 (1-3 hours) or 1000 (4-6 hours)
Take me to a haunted house/forest or hayride (October)=no charge
Take pictures of me (no face allowed)=50 (non-action)
2-4 hours of gaming with you & your X-BOX=150 (before 8pm) or 50 (after 8pm)
Take me to see figure skating=FREE
Take me to a cider mill, apple picking, hayriding, corn field maze=50
Take me to the zoo=50

When requesting same day or last minute appts--remember 2 things:
  If we've never met, please include reference info. in initial contact. (This helps cut down on email and phone tag.)
  Call "and" email. (At the time of your call, I might be on the road for several hours and not near the computer. Calling in addition helps. Please remember to include reference info. if you have it on the first call.)
If emailing straight on (bypassing my reservation form), please put the CITY you're inquiring about--as your subject line. If you have any idea what day, time and length of meeting you want, include that info. in the email also.
If you have contacted me and haven't heard back via email or phone within 3-7 days. Write or call again. Please don't assume you didn't pass screening. You may have just written when I happen to be in a busy city. Please write or call again.

Availability in 2011 for movies will be slim depending on the city. Ask just the same.

1 to 2.5 hours: Open to anyone.
3 hours: Done on a case by case basis as to whether we've met before.
More than 3 hours:
Case by case again. (Inquiries about overnights, trips, etc., should contact with specifics for discussion. Trip ideas for overnight or longer: see destination list. No half hours available at this time. Sorry. )

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